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Eradication (Book 3)

Desperate times call for desperate measures. On the brink of losing control, the government takes their most drastic step yet...


Martin Gratz and his family have survived being hunted by the CDC, shootouts, sinking ships, and unforgiving weather. Now they face a new threat...


Facing civil unrest and a Russian invasion, Louis Wojeski has convinced the President to carry out his last resort: the release of The Spot back into the population.


In the wasteland the Gratz' used to call their home, the very air they breathe could mean death, and survivors and abandoned Russian soldiers compete for supplies wherever they can be found.


Eradication is the final chapter of the Containment Series. If you like harrowing post-apocalyptic wastelands, chilling dystopian futures, and shocking government conspiracies, then you'll love Eradication.


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