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Coming to an Earbud Near You

Hello, out there.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. There's good news, and there's bad news. Which do you want to hear first? Let's do the bad, so we can end on a high note.

Because of production delays, I am moving the release date for Eradication back a couple of weeks, and will now be targeting a release date of June 15th. It could be possible to get the book out by the 30th, but it wouldn't be the best that I could do, and you guys deserve better. So I'm giving myself extra time to get this right.

There, that wasn't so bad, was it? So on to the good stuff.

When I do publish Eradication, the final chapter of the Containment trilogy, I will be running some promotions on Containment and Quarantine. For 5 days around the launch date, Containment will be free on Amazon! It's already free if you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, but if you want to pick up a digital copy of Containment, it will be listed as a freebie. Similarly, for about a week around the launch date, Quarantine will be listed at $0.99. So if you know anyone that might like to check out the series, the Eradication launch will be the cheapest way to do so. Sorry, print copies will still be listed at their original prices.

In addition to the digital and print versions of the books, I have also started receiving auditions for potential narrators for the audiobook version of Containment! I am also shooting to have this version available around the time of the launch of Eradication, and will be available through Audible. After that is out, whatever narrator I work with will also produce the versions for both Quarantine and Eradication.

That's it for this week. As always, you can find Containment and Quarantine on Amazon, and if you haven't already done so, please head over and leave a review. It is super helpful to getting the books in front of more eyes.

Until next time...

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