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Eradication Sneak Peek (if you've finished Quarantine)

Not a lot has happened in the past week worthy of note, other than now both Containment and Quarantine are available exclusively on Amazon, and both are starting to see some good traction through Kindle Unlimited. Thank you to anyone who has purchased a copy of either book, or read through your Kindle Unlimited subscription!

Eradication, as I've said in previous posts, is coming along, but the going is tough. I have no doubt it's going to be the best of the series, but that comes with a lot of work in making it the book deserving of closing out my first trilogy.

So without much to report on in the world of conspiracy and technology, I'll leave you with a sneak peek of a rough draft excerpt from the first chapter of Eradication, due May 30th. Keep in mind that this isn't going to be the final version, and what you read may be very different from the final product, but if you've finished Quarantine, I hope that this will get you excited for the final volume.

I will again reiterate that I strongly recommend that you finish reading Quarantine before reading on.

"Martin Gratz stood in the open area between the kitchen and living room of his family’s house, staring up at the darkened top of the stairs that led to the second floor. The house was quiet and still; no sound came from feet running back and forth across the floor upstairs, or the blaring of the television, or the sizzling of food cooking in olive oil on the stove. Despite the silence, Martin felt as though he could almost reach out and touch the wall and feel the vibrations of all the sounds that used to reverberate within the building.

It was warm in the house, unseasonably hot for summer. But then again, it could have just been the fact that Martin was dressed for travel, for any climate and situation, which meant dressing in layers. He didn’t want to wear his jacket, but there was no telling if he would be able to find one again if he discarded the one he currently wore.

Sweat gathered under the edge of his mask, and his breath fogged up the inside of the filmy plastic. The heat was unbearable, even though he should be used to it by now. Some things, you just can’t get used to.

He looked back at the door, shut behind him, and considered taking the mask off. Generally, it was considered a bad idea, not knowing who was around or whether or not they were infected with The Spot. The real Spot.

Turning back and looking around him, he decided to risk it, and even though the stale air inside the house wasn’t cool by any standard, the rush of fresher air was like a cold glass of water being tossed on his face after running a marathon. He took a deep, gasping breath, feeling the relatively clean air fill his lungs, and held it in for a moment.

Martin slowly let the air back out, and opened his eyes, wiping the sweat off of his face as he gathered himself. While infection was still a fact of life, the house itself didn’t appear to have been lived in or disturbed in any way since they left it in a hurry months ago. He stepped forward and put one foot on the first step of the staircase. Pausing, he looked up again at the top of the stairs and considered the possibility that he was wrong.

Not ready to give up his fresh air, he placed the mask on his head like a hat, and pulled his pistol from under his jacket, slinging the submachine gun around behind him, opting for the smaller, more agile weapon in a possible close quarters situation.

With his gun raised and pointed at the top of the stairs, he made his way carefully up the steps, one at a time, all the while listening for the sound of rustling feet."

That's it for this week. As a reminder, you can read Containment and Quarantine for free if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber. Otherwise, both are on sale in both digital and print. Stay in the know by dropping me a line or signing up for my mailing list on the Contact page and if you've already read both and haven't yet done so, please go to Amazon and leave a review here and here!

Talk to you later!

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